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19 MAY 2015

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Welcome to the official website of the Parish Council of Ashby St Mary, Norfolk.
It provides
not only the records of the Parish Council's proceedings, but also more information about Ashby St Mary including its features, history and much more.  The Council hopes visitors to this website find it an interesting and informative experience.
Most documents accessed within this website open in .pdf format which requires Adobe Reader. Click on the Adobe icon in the left column to download Adobe Reader.


(This replaces the previous update of 17 April 2015 - To view previous updates, click HERE)

UPDATED in this release:
- Next meeting of Ashby St Mary parish council. See below.
- April's Cheese and Wine evening - a fantastic result
- Parish council's AWA donation to assist church project
- Ashby St Mary parish councillor 'hero' rescues family in Broads boat drama
- 2015 parish councillor election results
- Latest Ashby rainfall figures - find them on the HANDBOOK page

- Notice of, and the agenda for, the 2015 Ashby & Thurton Village Hall & Playing Field Management Committee Annual General Meeting. Villagers should be aware if there are insufficient volunteer officers to form the Management Committee, the running and therefore the future of the Hall is placed in jeapody.

Please take note of all the REMINDERS shown below the Latest News Section

Re: Village Hall Management Committee: Villagers should be aware that without a Management Committee of Officers, the status and potentially the future of the Hall could be severely adversely affected - see below.


Parish Council meeting minutes
The draft minutes of the last parish council meeting on Thursday 14th May, when
available, will be found on the MANAGEMENT page.

Next Parish Council meeting
The next meeting is due to be held at the Ashby & Thurton Village Hall on THURSDAY 2 JULY 2015 commencing at 7.45 p.m.

The draft agenda is -
1. Apologies
2. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest
3. Minutes of the meeting held on 15 January 2015
4. Matters Arising
5. Correspondence - tabled separately
6. Finance – tabled separately
7. Planning Applications – tabled separately
8. Report from Representative on Village Hall Committee
9. Web Site
10. Neighbourhood Security
11. Public Consultation including reports from County and District Councillors
12. Other Matters for future agendas and items for information
13. Date of next meeting 17 September 2015
Parish Office: 5 Cedar Drive, Loddon, Norwich, Norfolk NR14 6LE Tel 07580 796044

Parish Cheese and Wine Evening
On Saturday 18th April a large contingent of parishioners gathered to enjoy a cheese and wine evening in aid of Ashby church. In the splendour of their home, Wendy and Prem hosted a wonderful occasion which was rewarded with a fantastic total profit of £509 being made. Wendy and Prem hope everyone who attended enjoyed the evening and wish to thank all who supported it.

Parish Council assists Ashby church project

The much publicised donation by Anglian Water Authority to each parish affected by the lack of a water supply in January 2015 is to help finance the enticingly named 'Ashby church loo fund' project.  
The donation of £1000 sent to the parish council was handed over at Ashby's Annual Parish Meeting in May.
Ashby church's grateful representative, Arnold Miller (left) receives the donation from council chairman, Robert Todd.

Ashby councillor rescues family in Broads boat drama
(Acknowledgement to Eastern Daily Press - 16th April 2015)
Donal MacGarry, his wife, their daughter and grandson, were enjoying a day on the water in their rowing skiff yesterday when they hit a wooden stake.
Architect Mr MacGarry, from Kirby Bedon, said the stake tore through the 60-year-old timber boat at about 1.30pm outside the channel near Rockland Broad.
As the drama unfolded, all the family could do was wait as they stood beyond their waists in water.  Broads Authority ranger Edgar Hoddy 59, of Ashby St Mary, arrived just in time and pulled the group to safety.
Now Mr MacGarry said he wants to thank Mr Hoddy. He said: “He rescued us single-handedly and was just great. He got most of our belongings out too and even after that the rangers went back to help me salvage the boat and oars.”
Mr Hoddy (above) said it wasn’t until afterwards that he fully appreciated what he had done and the danger the family were in.  
He said: “I was just doing my job and didn’t think about much more. But I woke up early the next morning thinking about them in the water with just their heads visible and realised how bad the situation could have been, especially as two of the family weren’t wearing life-jackets. They were in quite some distress but were very grateful when I got them onto the launch safe and sound.”
Adrian Vernon, head of ranger services at the authority, said: “We’re really glad the family are safe and well, Edgar did a fantastic job and should be proud of his actions. We may not have dramatic rescues like this every day but this just goes to demonstrate one part of the important service we provide. It also serves as a timely reminder for people to wear their life-jackets and stay within the marked channel. The situation could have been worse and in those cases, lifejackets make the vital difference.”

St Mary parish councilor election results
In the recent election of parish councillors the number of nominations was less than the seven vacancies so a poll was deemed not to be held by South Norfolk District Council. The nominated councillors have taken up their new four-year term of office from Monday 11th May 2015. They are - Sarah Cook, Edgar Hoddy, Terry Kitt, Mark Rolph and Robert Todd. The council therefore has two vacancies and anyone interested should contact the parish clerk in the first instance - see the CONTACT US tab at the top of the page.

Homewatch / Police Alerts
Of the recent messages received between the last website update and this one, no crimes have been reported as having taken place in Ashby St Mary or its immediately adjoining parishes.

Ashby St Mary & Thurton Village Hall & Playing Field Management Committee
- 2015 AGM
This is being held on Thursday 21st May at 8 p.m. in the Ashby & Thurton Village Hall.
The confirmed agenda is -
1. Minutes of last Annual General Meeting
2. Matters arising
3. Presentation and adoption Treasurer Report and Accounts
4. Current elected member resignations and appointment of new elected members
5. Reports from appointed members and nomination of representatives
· Thurton Parish Council
· Ashby St Mary Parish Council
· Church Groups
· Women’s Institute
· Pre-school Playgroup
6. Future management of Village Hall and Playing Field
7. Any other business (as notified to secretary – Esther Thomas 2 Elm Close Loddon NR14 6LG, in writing, within 14 days of meeting)

100 Club
May winner - awaited

Latest News Archive
Until otherwise advised all Latest News will appear on this Home page so make a note to check it regularly. For speedier access in the future why not add the link to this Home page to the Favourites folder of your Internet Browser?
... and that's the end of the News.

(If any pages, their contents or links do not function as they should, please accept our apologies and inform us promptly.   If any sections 'overlap', try viewing our website using another internet browser.


Assistance - Ashby St Mary & Thurton Village Hall Management Committee
As a result of changing their work, moving from Ashby and Thurton for personal reasons, the management committee has no-one filling the posts of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. The committee is asking for help by anyone willing to assist in these positions. The committee meets once per month in order to deal with any maintenance issues and to ensure the smooth running of the village hall and playing field. The commitment is not onerous but is very rewarding in maintaining this valuable asset to our village. Anyone who has any questions relating to the above or who is will ing to help as Chairperson, Secretary or Treasurer please contact Terry Kitt on 01508 480954.
Villagers should be aware that without a Management Committee of Officers, the status and potentially the future of the Hall could be severely adversely affected.

Ashby Broadband Speed Test
Everyone who receives the Ashby Update Service was requested to provide their test resultsas part of a bid by the parish council to assist in the Better Broadband campaign for rural Norfolk. Thanks to all those who took part - but we need more! If you live in Ashby and are will ing to help, just carry out the very simple test following steps 1 - 4.
1. Click on this website link
2. When the speedtest page opens, click only on 'Begin Test'. (Suggestion - ignore any other messages inviting you to do a computer check or other function)
3. Wait a minute or so until the short test has finished. This will have occurred when you see the figures stop measuring 'Downlaod' and 'Upload'.
4 Make a note of the 'Download' figure, the time you did the test and email the details HERE


Parish Council details: Clerk: Linda Gray    Parish Office: 5 Cedar Drive, Loddon, Norwich, Norfolk NR14 6LE
Tel: 07580 796044
  Email:   Website:
(All Council Meeting Minutes are available to be accessed from the Management page. The Correspondence, Accounts and Planning list for this meeting can be found in the appropriate section on the Management page. All Council Meeting Minutes can be inspected at any reasonable time by appointment with the Clerk.)

Your Parish Needs You!

Do you live or work in Ashby St Mary? Are you interested in your village and its facilities?
Do you care about the future of the parish, its residents and the services provided to them?
If so, why not offer to be a parish councillor - a vacancy currently exists on Ashby St Mary Parish Council. A councillor should expect to attend 8 evening meetings a year at which a number of
surprisingly interesting and varied subjects are discussed.
Be a local representative, be a local voice.
This could be a first step towards your ambition to move in to Number 10!
For more details please contact Linda Gray, the Ashby St Mary parish clerk.
See Contact Us (left)


Do you use Domestic Heating Oil? If so, why not join the Ashby Heating Oil Syndicate?
It’s free to join and you could make significant savings.
· Your parish council has set up the Ashby Heating Oil Syndicate.
· The Ashby Heating Oil Syndicate makes savings for residents after compiling a bulk order.
· It works – the syndicate’s bulk order has so far saved 2 – 4p per litre over a typical 1000 litres amount.
· Come and join the increasing number of residents who have already benefited.
· This is a free parish service.
· Like to know more? Email for a fact-sheet.
- This is an Ashby St Mary Parish Council initiative for serving the local community.

RECOMMENDED - A useful site that includes oil price trends between one week and five years ago is to be found HERE.

Ashby's Homewatch service is provided free and is available to any resident.
For more information, please go to the HOMEWATCH page on this website.
The Ashby Website Update service is also included as part of its free service and is available to any Ashby resident.
If you know an Ashby resident who you think should join this free information service, why not tell them about it?
All that is needed is for the recipient to email a few requested details.
The Parish Council's homewatch representative does the rest - keeping residents informed when a Police Connect alert message affecting our area has been received, when our parish has been updated, plus occasional news of the Ashby Heating Oil Syndicate.
Messages are usually issued once per month. For full details look on the HOMEWATCH page.
This is a free parish service.
Contact the webmaster (click on the Contact Us tab near the top of this page) for a fact-sheet.

This another Ashby St Mary initiative for serving the local community.

In line with statutory provisions, formal notice of forthcoming Parish Council meeting agendas, latest meeting minutes for public view and every parish election is displayed on each of the Council's three noticeboards - at the junction of Mill Road and Mill Common; the junction of Sandy Lane and Spong Lane; and close to the junction of Chapel Lane and Chapel Road.

(including other Meetings or Events held in the Parish or that may interest Ashby St Mary residents)

22 January 2015
Thursday 19 March 2015
23 April 2015 Annual Parish Meeting
Thursday 14 May 2015
2 July 2015
17 September 2015
19 November 2015

Unless otherwise stated, all Parish Council meetings take place at Ashby & Thurton Village Hall commencing at 7.45 p.m.
Click HERE to show the location of the hall.  Always check Latest News for advice of meeting date changes.

- draft fundraising programme of events

re are currently no/no other forthcoming meetings or events in Ashby St Mary which the Parish Council has been requested to advertise.

re are currently no / no other announcements concerning Ashby St Mary which the Parish Council has been requested to advertise.

Details about the club, and any other information provided by it, can be found on the Handbook page.

When issued, a fixture list for the current season will be found on the Handbook page.
For those interetsed, the Club has a Facebook page.

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