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18 APRIL 2018
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Welcome to the official website of the Parish Council of Ashby St Mary in Norfolk.    
It provides
not only the records of the Parish Council's proceedings, but also more information about Ashby St Mary including its features, history and much more.  The Parish Council hopes visitors to this website find it an interesting and informative experience.
Most documents in this website open in .pdf format which requires Adobe Reader.
Click on the Adobe icon in the left column to download Adobe Reader.



(This replaces the update of 19th September 2017 - To view previous updates, click HERE)

- The parish council has a new clerk Jayne Casey - see below
- The draft minutes for the last meeting (22nd March 2018) have been published - see below
- A casual vacancy still exists for a parish councillor - see on the HANDBOOK page or HERE
- For details of the Thurton and Ashby PreSchool Playgroup Playground Project and its funding aims, see below
- News from the Village Hall Management Committee - see below
- Parish rainfall figures have been updated

Please take note of the REMINDERS (if any) shown below the Latest News Section.

New Ashby St Mary clerk
The parish council extends a warm welcome to its new clerk Jayne Casey. Jayne, who was appointed in March, lives in Ashby so has a good background knowledge of the parish - an ideal situation for an incoming clerk. It is hoped she enjoys many happy and interesting years of service!

Proposed Boundary Changes aka "Community Governance Review"
The parish council chairman successfully argued Ashby's case at the South Norfolk Review Committee meeting on 29th November 2017, for Ashby St Mary to remain independent and not to merge with Thurton. This followed the survey of Ashby households carried out by the parish council in which 91.25% of the responses received supported independence. The Review Committee then withdrew its proposal to merge the parish councils. The recommendation was due to be ratified in February 2018. When last checked this had still not taken place. Your parish council is watching the situation closely. The details of the survey were displayed in the previous Latest News section of the website and can be found in previous updates (see the link at the top of this section).

Next Parish Council meeting
The next meeting is due to be held at the Ashby & Thurton Village Hall on THURSDAY 17 MAY 2018 commencing at 7.30 p.m. The draft agenda appears below and is therefore subject to amendment. 

Parish Council Meeting Minutes
The draft minutes of the last (22 March 2018) meeting can be found in Latest Minutes on the MANAGEMENT page.

Thurton & Ashby Playgroup Project (TAPP)
At the parish council meeting in March, Bridie Mickleborough, on behalf of the Thurton and Ashby Playgound Project, explained the plans of the Thurton & Ashby Preschool Playgroup for a new park to replace the existing one in the playing field at the village hall. A sub-committee under the umbrella of the Village Hall Committee had been formed with a view to oversee the project, including fundraising towards a total of £65,000. Grants are available which has resulted in the Preschool Playgroup aiming to raise £10,000. £4500 has been raised so far. The hopeful completion date is the end of this current year. The support of Ashby St Mary parish council was sought which the council was pleased to give.

Messages from the Ashby & Thurton Village Hall Management Committee -
There is now an up and running Facebook page for the Village Hall.
Future fundraisers are 19th May - Fish and Chips Quiz, tickets £12 each - see below; November (date TBA) - Yule Disco.
2019 is the 50th Anniversary of the Village Hall, so a fete is planned to include the community. £2K was received from the Tesco Bags scheme, which is being used to update the kitchen. Quotes are currently being sought and this will be completed with local support.   The 100 club almost has a full takeup.
The Village Hall is working closely with TAPP.

(If any pages, their contents or links do not function as they should, please accept our apologies and inform us promptly.   If any sections 'overlap', try viewing our website using another internet browser.

NEXT MEETING - Annual Parish Meeting at the Ashby St Mary & Thurton Village Hall on THURSDAY 20 APRIL 2018 at 7.30 p.m.
D R A F T     A G E N D A
1. Apologies
2. Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 21st April 2017
3. Chairman's Report
4. Financial Report
5. Parish Council Website
6. Neighbourhood Security / Ashby Update Service
7. Police Report
8. Ashby Heating Oil Syndicate
9. County Councillor's Report
10. District Councillor's Report
. Ashby and Thurton Village Hall and Playing Field Committee report
12. Village Organisation Reports including -
     Church; BYRUS; Cricket Club; PreSchool Playgroup; Women's Institute; Tree Warden; Footpath Warden
13. Any other business to note for future Parish Council Meetings
The Chairman and members of the parish council cordially invite you to attend the Annual Parish Meeting
Date meeting notice published: 7th April 2018
Parish Clerk: Jayne Casey
Parish Office: 1 Hill House, Mill Road, Ashby St Mary, Norfolk NR14 7BN    Tel: 01508 480162
Email:   Website:


NEXT FOLLOWING MEETING - Parish Council Meeting at the Ashby St Mary & Thurton Village Hall on THURSDAY 17 MAY 2018 at 7.30 p.m.
D R A F T     A G E N D A
1. Apologies
2. Declaration of Business and Pecuniary Interest
3. Minutes of the meeting held on 22nd March 2018
4. Matters Arising from the minutes of 22nd March 2018
5. Correspondence - tabled separately
6. Finance – tabled separately
7. Planning Applications – tabled separately
8. Report from Representative on Village Hall Committee
9. Web Site
10. Neighbourhood Security and Heating Oil Syndicate
11. Public Consultation including reports from County and District Councillors
12. Other Matters for future agendas and items for information
The Press and Public are warmly invited to attend
Parish Clerk: Jayne Casey
Parish Office: 1 Hill House, Mill Road, Ashby St Mary, Norfolk NR14 7BN
Tel 01508 480162
Email:   Website:
Meeting dates for 2018 -
11th January; 22nd March; 19th April (Annual Parish Meeting);17th May; 12th July; 20th September; and 22nd November.

(All Council Meeting Minutes are available to be accessed from the Management page. The Correspondence, Accounts and Planning list for this meeting can be found in the appropriate section on the Management page. All Council Meeting Minutes can be inspected at any reasonable time by appointment with the Clerk.)

Unless stated otherwise, all parish council meetings now commence at 7.30 p.m. [replacing the former 7.45 start time]. All meetings are of course available for the public to attend.

Latest News
Until otherwise advised all Latest News will appear on this Home page so make a note to check it regularly. For speedier access in the future why not add the link to this Home page to the Favourites folder of your Internet Browser?  Latest News for approximately the previous 12 months from the date of the Update above can be found in Latest News Archive on the Management page.


In line with statutory provisions, formal notice of forthcoming Parish Council meeting agendas, latest meeting minutes for public view and every parish election aredisplayed on each of the Council's three noticeboards - at the junction of Mill Road and Mill Common; the junction of Sandy Lane and Spong Lane; and close to the junction of Chapel Lane and Chapel Road.

(including other Meetings or Events held in the Parish or that may interest Ashby St Mary residents)

- 11th January; 22nd March; 19th April (Annual Parish Meeting); 17th May; 12th July; 20th September; and 22nd November.
Unless otherwise stated, all Parish Council meetings take place at Ashby & Thurton Village Hall commencing at 7.30 p.m.
Click HERE to show the location of the hall.  Always check Latest News for advice of meeting date/time changes.


Fish and Chip Supper - Saturday 19th May 2018
Hosted by members of the Ashby & Thurton Village Hall Management Commitee, the evening will start at 7 p.m. and includes the meal, a quiz and raffle. Please bring your own drinks.
Tickets are just £12 each, available from Carol Powell on 01508 480089.

Proceeds go towards the maintenance of the Ashby & Thruton Village Hall.

There are currently no / no other Ashby St Mary fundraising activities or announcements concerning Ashby St Mary which the Parish Council has been requested to advertise.

Ashby St Mary Cricket Club
Details about the club, and any other information provided by it, can be found on the Handbook page.
When issued, a fixture list for the current season will be found on the Handbook page.
For those interested, the Club has a Facebook page.

Ashby Broadband Speed Test
In a bid by the parish council to assist the Better Broadband campaign for rural Norfolk, Ashby residents are asked to test their broadband download speed. Residents undertook tests in 2015 - but we need more!    If you live in Ashby and are willing to help for the first time (or to check your speed again) just carry out the very simple test following steps 1 - 4.
1. Click on this website link    (For consistency only this site is being used)
2. When the speedtest page opens, click only on 'Begin Test'. (Suggestion - ignore any other messages inviting you to do a computer check or other function)
3. Wait a minute or so until the short test has finished. This will have occurred when you see the figures stop measuring 'Downlaod' and 'Upload'.
4 Make a note of the 'Download' figure, the time you did the test and email the details HERE
For your interest the last reported download speed test figure achieved by a resident was 6.33 Mbps.


Do you use Domestic Heating Oil? If so, why not join the Ashby Heating Oil Syndicate?
It’s free to join and you could make real savings.
· Your parish council has set up the Ashby Heating Oil Syndicate.
· The Ashby Heating Oil Syndicate makes worthwhile savings for residents after compiling a bulk order.
· It works! The syndicate’s bulk order regularly saves 2 – 4p per litre over a typical 1000 litres amount.
· Come and join the increasing number of residents who have already benefited.
· This is a free parish service.
· Like to know more? Email for a fact-sheet.
- This is an Ashby St Mary Parish Council initiative for serving the local community.
RECOMMENDED - A useful site that includes oil price trends between one week and five years ago can be found HERE.

Ashby's Homewatch service is provided free and is available to any resident.
For more information, please go to the HOMEWATCH page on this website.
The Ashby Website Update service is also included as part of its free service and is available to any Ashby resident.
If you know an Ashby resident who you think should join this free information service, why not tell them about it?
All that is needed is for the recipient to email a few requested details.
The Parish Council's homewatch representative does the rest - keeping residents informed when a Police Connect alert message affecting our area has been received, when our parish has been updated, plus occasional news of the Ashby Heating Oil Syndicate.
Messages are usually issued once per month. For full details look on the HOMEWATCH page.
This is a free parish service.
Contact the webmaster (click on the Contact Us tab near the top of this page) for a fact-sheet.
This another Ashby St Mary initiative for serving the local community.


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