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16 NOV 2015

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Welcome to the official website of the Parish Council of Ashby St Mary, Norfolk.
It provides
not only the records of the Parish Council's proceedings, but also more information about Ashby St Mary including its features, history and much more.  The Council hopes visitors to this website find it an interesting and informative experience.
Most documents accessed within this website open in .pdf format which requires Adobe Reader. Click on the Adobe icon in the left column to download Adobe Reader.


(This replaces the update of 1st October 2015 - To view previous updates, click HERE)

- minutes of the last parish council meeting
- next parish council meeting agenda
- Ashby Transparency Code Register

- a statement about Homewatch/Police Alerts
- more history and a discovery from a former Ashby resident
- Village Hall Management Committee teamwork

Please take note of the REMINDERS shown below the Latest News Section


Meeting Minutes
The confirmed minutes of the last (September) parish council meeting can be found in Latest Minutes on
the MANAGEMENT page.

Next Parish Council meeting
The next meeting is due to be held at the Ashby & Thurton Village Hall on THURSDAY 19 NOVEMBER 2015
commencing at 7.45 p.m.
The confirmed agenda is -
1. Apologies
2. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest
3. Minutes of the meeting held on 17 September 2015
4. Matters Arising
5. Correspondence - tabled separately
6. Finance – tabled separately
    - 2016/17 budget
    - review of precept
7. Planning Applications – tabled separately
8. Report from Representative on Village Hall Committee
9. Web Site
10. Neighbourhood Security and Heating Oil Syndicate
11. Public Consultation including reports from County and District Councillors
12. Other Matters for future agendas and items for information
13. Date of next meeting 21 January 2016
Parish Clerk: Linda Gray
Parish Office: 5 Cedar Drive, Loddon, Norwich, Norfolk NR14 6LE Tel 07580 796044

Transparency Code
Due to new statutory requirements Ashby St Mary will shortly have a Transparency Code Register. The register will detail councillor responsibilities, parish land and assets, and the types of meeting publications produced.
This information is in 3 parts - the main Transparency Code Register, Annex A Part 1, and Annex A Part 2.
When available, the Ashby' St Mary's Register will be found on the MANAGEMENT page.

Homewatch / Police Alerts
Police Connect, which is responsible for issuing Police Alerts (Homewatch) message has recently announced that due to the introduction of new software, a reduced service has resulted in terms of its crime summary reports.
Of the recent Police Alert messages received between the last website update and this one, no crime within Ashby St Mary has been reported but an unsuccessful break-in attempt took place in mid October in the neighbouring parish of at Cookes Road.

More Ashby History and a discovery
Marianne Grayson, nee Chalcraft, who used
to live at Ashby Rectory when her father was the vicar, recently contacted the parish council with some Ashby history information.
Like another Ashby resident, she had also found an axehead - behind Ashby church - in 1975. For more details and some photos go to the HISTORY page.

Village Hall teamwork [with thanks to Angie Broadberry]

Ashby and Thurton Village Hall's Management Committee is a very active group of people which has benefitted from enthusiastic new members joining the team at the 2015 AGM.   We have recently welcomed a second offer of painting inside the hall by a team from Aviva and the hallway and toilets have all been redecorated...with our grateful thanks.   Committee work parties have also been arranged - all for the benefit of the hall and its users. One was to provide new bark for the children's play area...and despite torrential rain the team carried on regardless and as the photo shows really pulled together!  
Now we are looking forward to the future and as ever welcome suggestions, ideas and involvement from all who live in our villages.


Councillors - details of the new councillors for Ashby are shown on the CONTACTS page
Ashby Rainfall
For the most recent Ashby rainfall (and the statistics covering several years) please go to the HANDBOOK page.

100 Club - The names of the September and October winners are awaited.

(If any pages, their contents or links do not function as they should, please accept our apologies and inform us promptly.   If any sections 'overlap', try viewing our website using another internet browser.


Ashby St Mary parish councilor vacancies
Two vacancies exist for parish councillors. Some essential criteria about candidates can be found on the HANDBOOK page. Anyone interested should contact the parish clerk in the first instance - see the CONTACT US tab at the top of the page.

Latest News Archive
Until otherwise advised all Latest News will appear on this Home page so make a note to check it regularly. For speedier access in the future why not add the link to this Home page to the Favourites folder of your Internet Browser?
... and that's the end of the News.

Ashby Broadband Speed Test
Everyone who receives the Ashby Update Service was requested to provide their test resultsas part of a bid by the parish council to assist in the Better Broadband campaign for rural Norfolk. Thanks to all those who took part - but we need more! If you live in Ashby and are will ing to help, just carry out the very simple test following steps 1 - 4.
1. Click on this website link
2. When the speedtest page opens, click only on 'Begin Test'. (Suggestion - ignore any other messages inviting you to do a computer check or other function)
3. Wait a minute or so until the short test has finished. This will have occurred when you see the figures stop measuring 'Downlaod' and 'Upload'.
4 Make a note of the 'Download' figure, the time you did the test and email the details HERE


Parish Council details: Clerk: Linda Gray    Parish Office: 5 Cedar Drive, Loddon, Norwich, Norfolk NR14 6LE
Tel: 07580 796044
  Email:   Website:
(All Council Meeting Minutes are available to be accessed from the Management page. The Correspondence, Accounts and Planning list for this meeting can be found in the appropriate section on the Management page. All Council Meeting Minutes can be inspected at any reasonable time by appointment with the Clerk.)

Your Parish Needs You!

Do you live or work in Ashby St Mary? Are you interested in your village and its facilities?
Do you care about the future of the parish, its residents and the services provided to them?
If so, why not offer to be a parish councillor - 2 vacancies currently exist on Ashby St Mary Parish Council. A councillor should expect to attend 8 evening meetings a year at which a number of
surprisingly interesting and varied subjects are discussed.
Be a local representative, be a local voice.
This could be a first step towards your ambition to move in to Number 10!
For more details please contact Linda Gray, the Ashby St Mary parish clerk.
See Contact Us (left or top of this page)


Do you use Domestic Heating Oil? If so, why not join the Ashby Heating Oil Syndicate?
It’s free to join and you could make significant savings.
· Your parish council has set up the Ashby Heating Oil Syndicate.
· The Ashby Heating Oil Syndicate makes savings for residents after compiling a bulk order.
· It works – the syndicate’s bulk order has so far saved 2 – 4p per litre over a typical 1000 litres amount.
· Come and join the increasing number of residents who have already benefited.
· This is a free parish service.
· Like to know more? Email for a fact-sheet.
- This is an Ashby St Mary Parish Council initiative for serving the local community.

RECOMMENDED - A useful site that includes oil price trends between one week and five years ago is to be found HERE.

Ashby's Homewatch service is provided free and is available to any resident.
For more information, please go to the HOMEWATCH page on this website.
The Ashby Website Update service is also included as part of its free service and is available to any Ashby resident.
If you know an Ashby resident who you think should join this free information service, why not tell them about it?
All that is needed is for the recipient to email a few requested details.
The Parish Council's homewatch representative does the rest - keeping residents informed when a Police Connect alert message affecting our area has been received, when our parish has been updated, plus occasional news of the Ashby Heating Oil Syndicate.
Messages are usually issued once per month. For full details look on the HOMEWATCH page.
This is a free parish service.
Contact the webmaster (click on the Contact Us tab near the top of this page) for a fact-sheet.

This another Ashby St Mary initiative for serving the local community.

In line with statutory provisions, formal notice of forthcoming Parish Council meeting agendas, latest meeting minutes for public view and every parish election is displayed on each of the Council's three noticeboards - at the junction of Mill Road and Mill Common; the junction of Sandy Lane and Spong Lane; and close to the junction of Chapel Lane and Chapel Road.

(including other Meetings or Events held in the Parish or that may interest Ashby St Mary residents)

21 January ; Thursday 17 March; Thursday 21 April Annual Parish Meeting ; Thursday 19 May ; Thursday 7 July; subsequent meeting dates to be confirmed

Unless otherwise stated, all Parish Council meetings take place at Ashby & Thurton Village Hall commencing at 7.45 p.m.
Click HERE to show the location of the hall.  Always check Latest News for advice of meeting date changes.

- The 2016 THURTON AUTOJUMBLE & CLASSIC CAR SHOW is taking place at Ashby & Thurton Village Hall & Playing Field on 22nd May 2016


There are currently no Ashby St Mary fundraising activities which the Parish Council has been requested to advertise.


Your Own Place
is a registered charity that helps homeless young people in Norfolk.
Founder Rebecca White lives in Ashby and therefore Ashby St Mary parish council is pleased to highlight her message on behalf of the Your Own Place charity -
From 14th September we will be raising £15,000 to employ someone exceptional to support the young people we work with into work. If you like what we do, we ask you to donate and tell someone else about it. The campaign will be here: If you can't wait until then, please click here.

Website:       Email:      Mobile: 07530 028446
Facebook:      Twitter:

To learn more click on Your Own Place


re are currently no / no other announcements concerning Ashby St Mary which the Parish Council has been requested to advertise.

Details about the club, and any other information provided by it, can be found on the Handbook page.

When issued, a fixture list for the current season will be found on the Handbook page.
For those interetsed, the Club has a Facebook page.

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