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 ASHBY  WALK?  In Handbook


Ashby St Mary has the following roads within its parish.
Chapel Lane; Chapel Road; Church Road; Claxton Church Road; Foxglove Close; Hall Road; Hellington Green Lane;
Low Common; Mill Common; Mill Road; Sandy Lane; Spong Lane; St Marys Road; The Street.
Visitors to Ashby St Mary may find the maps provided below to be helpful.   Each opens in a .pdf format.

'Village map'  - plan of all roads in Ashby St Mary in which road names are shown.
'Local plan'  - Ashby St Mary roads that adjoin the neighbouring parish of Thurton
'Ashby & Thurton Village Hall' - shows the location of the village hall.


Do you or your friends like a leisurely walk or ramble around peaceful Norfolk countryside and lanes?
If so, why not
enjoy an hour or so discovering and taking in more of our parish?  
We recommend printing our ASHBY WALK map to help guide you round.

On the Ashby Walk are 7 features which we have called our PICTURE POINTS
- they are
available to open and print.

There's more! If you enjoy a visual challenge, SPOT THESE is a page of photographs (which are not in walking order!) of  additional features, places and views for you to spot and identify along your journey!  Good luck - and good walking!

Details of the last election of councillors to Ashby St Mary Parish Council (2015) can be found HERE.
Details of the 2011 election
of councillors to Ashby St Mary Parish Council can be found HERE.

Details of any vacancies can be found HERE.

To see all Ashby St Mary's monthly rainfall statistics click HERE.  
Details are published usually within the first week of every month.
Rainfall amounts for Ashby from 2000 are available for parishioner's interest.


To aid emergency and other services, Ordanance Survey grid references for every Ashby dwelling have been determined. These can be found in the list below. The list shows each dwelling by postcode and address, followed by two sets of three figures for Latitude and Longitude references expressed in degrees, minutes and seconds.
The Parish Council has learned that Ordanance Survey Grid references are used by all emergency and several other services such as doctors. They carry facilities such as satellite navigation systems which can locate the exact position of a dwelling by its Ordnance Survey grid reference, unlike a postcode which can cover many dwellings. It is suggested parishioners note their grid reference and keep a note of it so it is easily seen and located should it be necessary to quote it.
If quoting the grid reference, it is suggested it should be given as in the list - postcode, address, Latitude reference and Longitude reference.

To find your household grid reference, click on Ashby Grid References.
To demonstrate how your grid reference works to those who use the Google Earth facility, enter the reference into the search area and watch what happens!
The above references list has been compiled in good faith and is believed to be correct, but any use of it is on the express understanding it is subject to the conditions contained in the disclaimer at the foot of this page.)


The Village Hall serving both Ashby and Thurton parishes was built in 1968. It benefited from a large extension in 1991 and has gained from many other worthwhile improvements during its life, all brought to fruition by the Hall's Management Committee.

The Constitution of the Village Hall & Playing Field Management Committee provides for an Ashby St Mary Parish Councillor to represent the Council on this Committee.    

To read the most recent Chairman's Annual report please click HERE

VILLAGE HALL HIRE RATES (the latest rates provided by the Village Hall Management Committee)
Hire available per hour, half day, day, evening and full day.  Discount available for regular bookings.
Terms and conditions apply to all bookings. For the latest rates provided by the VHMC, click HERE
For more details contact the Booking Clerk: Dolly Howes - 01508 480043

For the latest details provided by the VHMC of regular activities held at the Village Hall please click HERE

100 CLUB
Ashby & Thurton Village Hall & Playing Field Management Committee's 100 Club offers a chance to win a monthly cash prize while also fundraising to support the Village Hall.
The 100 Club application form (which includes its rules and regualations) can be found HERE .


First Group service
Daily services are provided by First with its X2 and X22 services which stop at Thurton, broadly every 15 minutes.
Combined X2 and X22 timetables for weekdays and weekends can be found by searching HERE
further information please contact the First Group Customer Services Team on 08456 020121 or go to
146 service
Border-bus operates its 146 bus service which, travelling between Sothwold and Norwich, stops at Thurton.
The service operates from Monday to Saturday for which timetables can be found HERE.
For further information please contact Borderbus on 01502 714565 or at or go to


Ashby falls under the Yellow collection rota. For the latest dates of waste collection service for Ashby St Mary click HERE

- Forgotten which rubbish bin is emptied when?
To find out which day of the week your bin is emptied depends which road you live in. You will need to start by going to this link - then follow the simple instruction to find Ashby's current calendar of collections.

- SOUTH NORFOLK DISTRICT COUNCIL - Help & Assitance For Residents Team - Housing Standards Team
A copy of the advice issued in January 2012 can be found HERE


(information correct as at December 2013).
Visits normally made to Ashby are on a Wednesday
- at Ashby Mill Common - Arrives: 1000 Departs: 1020
- at Mill Road (near the village sign) - Arrives:1025 Departs:1040
Up to date details can be found HERE
For more information about the mobile library and to check correct dates of visits, telephone 01603 222267

During the cricket season Ashby's home matches take place at The Meadow, Ashby Hall. All Sunday matches commence at 2 p.m. and midweek matches at 6 p.m. unless otherwise stated.   Home and Away fixtures are scheduled throughout the season from May to September (inclusive).
An excellent booklet compiled in 2010 (which is a credit to the Club) includes an evocative Club history, venue finder, a chart of field placings, plus the obligatory 'simple' rules of cricket (to a complete stranger to the sport). It can be found by clicking on Ashby Cricket Club.
When published and forwarded to the Parish Council, a current year's Fixture list can be found at the link below.
- Ashby Cricket Club fixture list

SING! SING! SING! - March 2014
Some regular Sing! Sing! Sing! Singers are Ashby residents and as a result the Parish Council is pleased to promote this community group on the Parish Council's website.
  The group describes itself as a friendly bunch who meet every Thursday at Bergh Apton Village Hall 7.30 - sing. The cost is £2.50 a session and everyone is welcome, regardless of singing ability.
" We simply aim to have fun, make new friends, and feel fantastic.... all through Sing! Sing! Sing! therapy!! "
For more details contact Karen on 01508 480018 or Hannah on 01508 528464


You can now contact Norfolk Constabulary for no-urgent issues by simply dialling 101.
The new 101 non-emergancy number is now live across all police areas in England and Wales.
This means that for the first time, the public have an easy to remember number to contact their local police force to report non-emergency crime and anti-social behaviour or to speak to a local officer.
When someone calls 101, the system determines the caller's location and connects them to the police force covering that area. They hear a recorded message announcing which police force they are being connected to.
If a caller is close to a boundary between two or more forces, and they are using a mobile telephone, the recorded message gives them a choice of neighbouring forces. If the force they require is not on the list, they can speak to an operator who will redirect them.
Calls from landlines and mobile networks cost just 15p, no matter what time of day, or how long the call is.
Deaf, hard-of-hearing or speech-impaired callers can access the service via textphone on 18001 101.
In an emergency, callers should always dial 999.

Watercare registration service
Following the recent interuption of water services to the area including Ashby in January, the following information may be useful to certain residents in the cmmunity.
Anglian Water have now manually added this (the Ashby) location to its bowser polygon mapping, so it is aware of it should it be needed in the future. Anglian Water stated "
You may not be aware that we have a self registration service, known as our Watercare register where a wide range of customers can apply, from nursing mothers with children under the age of one to kidney dialysis patients who have a dialysis machine at home; customers who have sight or hearing difficulties to those who are frail and elderly or classed as disabled. Those customers on the Watercare register were proactively contacted during the event and offered bottled water delivered to their door due to their circumstances. If you or a neighbour/relative would like to register, further details can be found on our website at "

FREEGLE - Have you have of this useful group facility?
Freegle helps you re-home unwanted but useful items rather than throw them away. Everything offered must be totally free of charge!   Memberships are welcome from anyone living, or working, within the area of South Norfolk District Council or near their border. Go to to find out more.

CREDIT UNION - Did you know there is a Credit Union for this area?
Norfolk Credit Union - South Norfolk
If you need to borrow money to cover unplanned bills for essential items, you could consider approaching a Credit Union. The interest charges of a credit union are less than many other sources of credit.
Credit Unions provide an important source of credit to people who may otherwise find themselves excluded from high street sources and can help prevent people from falling victim to illegal sources of credit such as loan sharks.
Credit Unions are financial co-operatives owned and controlled by their members. Members pool their savings together which then provide funds from which loans can be made. Besides loans and savings, some also offer other financial services such as current accounts. Profits go towards developing the business or are returned to members.

The Norfolk Credit Union covers the whole of Norfolk provided the client lives or works in Norfolk and operates under a number of local names such as the Wayland Community Bank. Contact details are - Norfolk Credit Union, South Norfolk House, Swan Lane, Long Stratton, NR15 2EX. Telephone: 01508 533842 Email: Website:


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