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The current Homewatch service offered by Ashby St Mary Parish Council's Homewatch co-ordinator to parish residents is to alert them of messages from Norfolk Police that affect those living in Ashby and its neighbouring parishes.
Please note these have frequently changed in nature and are currently provided from time to time to the parish council in different forms - an update from the Chief Constable, Assistant Chief Constable or a local report covering Loddon and District, usually monthly.
Only residents who have either previously requested or apply to the Parish Council via its Ashby Update Service will receive news of these.
Only reports that have a meaningful impact on Ashby residents will be reproduced or circulated.

- How to join, unsubscribe and change your messaging preference.

1. Any Ashby resident who would like to receive the messaging service that includes Ashby and its surrounding parishes, please click on the APPLY email link below.
In the main body of the email state your name and Ashby address including postcode.
Ensure you state that you wish to receive the local security messages, then send the email.
Click on APPLY
You can unsubscribe from this Parish messaging service at any time (see 2).
Please note:
- The APPLY email should also be used to notify the Parish Council of any change in your details such as your email address or postal address in order that the messaging service can continue successfully.
- The APPLY email should be used to notify the Parish Council that you DO wish to receive Ashby's Website Update Alerts.

2. Any Ashby resident who no longer wishes to receive the messaging service from Ashby Parish Council's co-ordinator, can unsubscribe from this service. Please click on the UNSUBSCRIBE email link below. In the main body of the email please give your name and the email address used for the messaging service, state you wish to unsubscribe from the Alert service, then send the email. Your details will be deleted and messages will cease.
Please note:
- The UNSUBSCRIBE email should be used to notify the Parish Council if you DO NOT wish to receive Ashby's Website Update Alerts.

3. Residents who prefer to receive messages direct from Norfolk Constabulary should start their search by visiting
Try this link for the Loddon and area details:

The following is an extract taken from the ‘About Home Watch’ page on the website of the Norfolk Constabulary.

"HomeWatch (also known as Neighbourhood Watch) involves residents coming together to create safer communities in which to live. It operates through a network of district associations and schemes that:
· are run by residents and are supported by the police
· are set up using guidelines approved by Norfolk Constabulary
· vary in size
· are maintained by a Co-ordinator and sometimes a small committee who manage the scheme and liaise with police and partners
· take steps to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour

Objectives of HomeWatch
HomeWatch in Norfolk has four main objectives:
To prevent crime - By improving security, being the ‘eyes and ears’ of your neighbourhood and protecting the most vulnerable members of the community.
To help with the detection of criminals - By sharing information with the police allowing them to be intelligence-led.
To reduce undue fear of crime - By providing accurate information about risks, supporting victims, promoting a sense of security and a caring community.
To improve Police-Community relations - Through regular contact between HomeWatch and the police.
Most home insurance companies offer a discount for members of a HomeWatch Scheme.

The purpose of Homewatch is well known and self explanatory – to make communities safer. It is is a system of local awareness between residents and is one of many similar schemes operating nationally for dwellings, shops, schools etc.

It is co-ordinated by between one Parish councillor co-ordinator to several other co-ordinators from the village for the benefit of the local population. Far from replacing or doing the work of the local police, it merely seeks to provide an informal lookout service that complements the work of the Police. Because Homewatch co-ordinators cover a very localised area over which they ‘watch’, it means they are likely to be able to provide a more effective and reassuring ‘point-of-contact’ service as a result.

Having registered with Norfolk Police to do so, the Ashby St Mary Parish Council Homewatch co-ordinator is its point of contact for receiving Homewatch messages on matters of mutual concern or more detailed interest. Information received from the Police and circulated for your attention is merely to keep you aware of any local advice.

The more Ashby St Mary residents that support a Homewatch system, the more effective and beneficial it will be for everyone in our village. To increase the benefits of Homewatch your Council urges you to become part of it.   Many pariishioners have done so already and benefited accordingly. And remember - most home insurance companies offer a discount for members of a HomeWatch Scheme.


For advice by the police on Cold Calling see HERE


Since the end of March 2010 South Norfolk no longer has a dedicated Police Home Watch Administrator. All queries concerning Homewatch now have to be referred to the Communications and Public Affairs Department at Police Headquarters, on 0845 456 4567.

The local (Police) Safer Neighbourhood Team for Ashby St Mary can be emailed at

Please note details for services including Norfolk Constabulary and Crime Maps etc appear on our CONTACTS page

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